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Grace Baptist Academy & Children’s Center Five-Year Strategic Plan

We will Fulfill our Mission with a Focus on these Five Major Goals over the Next Five Years!

Ø High Quality, Biblically-integrated  Academics

We will continually improve our educational programensuring it is creative, rigorous and Biblically-integrated.

Our Prayer:   Inspire us to challenge our students daily so they gain new knowledge and new

abilities to think and act with a Biblical worldview for the rest of their lives.


Some examples of how GBA will pursue this objective:

  • Evaluate and develop new academic courses, including online opportunities
  • Provide professional development forall faculty in biblical integration methods
  • Investigate new initiatives forspiritual development of students
  • Advance our strategic plan foreffective use of educational technology
  • Continue expanding opportunitiesfor our students in the fine arts
  • Cultivate a competitive,character-building, and God-honoring athletic program at all levels
  • Complete a comprehensive coursecatalog to guide our academic program
  • Engage in our self-study for continued AdvancEd accreditation (Engagement Review: April 2018)

Ø God-honoring Relationships

We will cultivate and strengthen loving, long-term relationships.

Our Prayer:  Help us to love like Jesus loves and give all we have to one another.

Some examples of how GBA will pursue this objective:

  • Strengthen employee morale with intentional care by leadership
  • Promote increased parent participation
  • Expand our donor base and improve donor retention
  • Gain more involvement of Grace Baptist Church members
  • Pursue community service opportunities
  • Build support and loyalty from alumni and supporting churches 


Ø Strong Student Body

We will recruit and retain a healthy numberof students.  

Our Prayer:  Bring us the students You want us to have, so we can point them to You.


Some examples of how GBA will pursue this objective:

  • Consistently implement our admissions process
  • Articulate key messages clearly and comprehensively in print, broadcast, and digital media
  • Expand our online marketing methods (website, social media, digital, etc.)
  • Implement regular assessment of parent/student satisfaction
  • Improve orientation and assimilation of new parents and students

Ø Disciplined Financial Management

We will continue to implement a God-honoring financial plan that maximizes the strengths of our people, reduces indebtedness, and provides for effective facility care and improvement.

Our Prayer:  Give us Your wisdom and discipline to make the best financial decisions every day.

Some examples of how GBA will pursue this objective:

  • Utilize leadership from all departments to build and then enforce the annual budget
  • Operate with a 5% margin of income over expenses
  • Eliminate internal indebtedness and continue paying down our mortgage
  • Improve employee compensation and benefits

Ø Well-maintained and Expanding Campus

We will maintain clean, attractive buildings and grounds that are consistently repaired and improved by updating, remodeling, and also constructing new facilities as needed.


Our Prayer:  May You be honored by our diligent stewardship of the resources You have given.


Some examples of how GBA willpursue this objective:

  • Continually assess current needs to develop a master plan for campus maintenance &expansion
  • Add qualified, experienced staff with specifically needed skills
  • Allocate funds for improved maintenance, custodial services, and upgrading facilities
  • Raise funds for major capital improvements
  • Promote volunteerism throughout our constituency
  • Complete the Grace Fitness Center building project