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But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. 

Isaiah 40:31 
Yesterday, 11:27 AM ET
The Attitude That Demands An Action
Can you imagine the joy and relief of having a virtual death sentence commuted? That must be how the ten lepers felt after meeting Jesus outside a little village between Samaria and Galilee. Jesus instructed them to ‘go and show themselves to the priest’ and they were obedient. Furthermore, they weren’t healed until they went.
But in the middle of that joyful moment of healing, one of them had a flash of recognition. He returned to thank Jesus for his deliverance from certain death. Jesus asked about the other nine. Where were they? For centuries people have speculated about the other nine. Why weren’t they grateful, too?
The fact is that we assume they were not grateful because they did nothing to show any gratitude. No doubt they were excited. Surely they appreciated it. But like many of us, they did nothing in particular to show it. How many times have I noticed something or someone or received a benefit or service and failed to show how I really did feel about it? I probably really did appreciate it, but no one ever knew because I said or did nothing to show how I felt. Perhaps someone viewed me like we view the nine lepers; ungrateful.
The point, of course, is simply this; Gratitude is an attitude that demands an action. This time of Thanksgiving is the perfect time to catch up, to thank someone for what they have done or maybe just for who they are. They could be at your church, your school or at work. Or, in fact, it could be one of those organizations themselves. Take the opportunity this week to put your gratitude into action out of a grateful heart to the One Who has healed all who believe!
November 16, 7:14 PM ET
Congrats to the 2017 Independent School Conference Elementary Small School Division Co-Ed Soccer Tournament Champions the Grace Golden Eagles.
November 16, 2:14 PM ET
Our Duel Enrollment History Class ventured to The Hermitage in Nashville today. The Hermitage plantation was the home of 7th President Andrew Jackson. The home contains a museum about Jackson's life, lives of the enslaved African-American families at the plantation, and the antebellum South in general.
November 15, 4:42 PM ET
Wow! What a week for science in Middle School at GBA! Some of our 6th graders are proudly showing off their animal and plant cell projects. As you can see, these projects required incredibly detailed work.
November 15, 9:47 AM ET

November 14, 2:29 PM ET
Our 8th grade students have worked so hard for the last 13 weeks on their science projects. Last night was the award ceremony, and today they are showing our Lower School students what they have learned in a hands on learning environment. Special shout out to Mrs. Ryburn for fearlessly leading our young scientist!
November 11, 11:23 AM ET
Thank you to all of the brave and selfless men and women who have served in our US Armed Forces.
November 10, 3:36 PM ET
Veterans Day Assembly
November 10, 10:47 AM ET
The REAL Groundbreaking Has Begun!
November 9, 12:48 PM ET
Yee Haw! Just a little reminder! Big night at GBA tonight!