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But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. 

Isaiah 40:31 
Fall Teacher In-Service
8:00 a.m. | Grace Baptist Academy
Fall Teacher In-Service
8:00 a.m. | Grace Baptist Academy
Fall Teacher In-Service
8:00 a.m. | Grace Baptist Academy
Fall Teacher In-Service
8:00 a.m. | Grace Baptist Academy
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Yesterday, 11:48 AM ET
We are so thankful for the volunteers who have helped and are still helping with getting the modular ready to move, removing the old bleachers in preparation for our new bleachers, and the other numerous projects happening all over campus. Alot of great changes happening this summer!
June 23, 9:53 AM ET
Our Middle School cheer team is having a blast this week at UTC's cheer camp!
June 13, 1:16 PM ET
Academy Demo Days!! As we prepare the modular building for its removal from our property and return to the owner, a number of repairs must be made. Before that, some demo must be done and we need your help. Today, Monday, June 13th and Tuesday, June 14th we need help tearing out walls, carpet and floors. We plan to work for a couple hours each evening beginning at 5 pm. If you can help then – great! If you are interested in coming and doing some demo during the day, please contact Jimmy Bettis or Mike Swanson.
June 6, 2:02 PM ET
Camp Grace is off to a great start this summer. Our younger campers went on their first field trip on their first day! This summer will be jam-packed with fun!
June 3, 9:59 AM ET
We have a number of students and families participating in domestic and international mission trips this summer. Please partner with us in prayer as they share God's word all over the world. We are excited to hear how God has been working in the lives of our students and those they are ministering to, so please send us pictures and updates! Our students have the hearts of servants and their show of obedience is a blessing. Our students are the best!
June 1, 10:28 AM ET
It's Summer Reading Time!
May 27, 10:03 PM ET
Congratulations to the Grace Academy Class of 2016!
May 27, 9:47 AM ET
Our last senior to spotlight from the Class of 2016 is Austin Walls. Austin has been at Grace Academy since 8th grade and plans to major in Civil Engineering at Chattanooga State next year. He has always enjoyed building and knew he wanted to make it his career after job shadowing at Compass Engineering this spring. We asked Austin what he would miss most about GBA and he said, "The people. My teammates. I have been in Mrs. Barry's class for the last 5 years and she has always encouraged me to do my best. Tiff Wilkes is just a great teacher that leads a fun class. Strength and Fitness class has a relaxed atmosphere, but she always pushes us to work hard. I will miss my teachers."
May 27, 7:39 AM ET
Congratulations, Jared!
May 25, 11:11 AM ET
Senior, Jessie Vincent has been at Grace Academy for 3 years and plans to attend Shorter University to major in Nursing. After witnessing a family friend's birth, Jessie knew God was calling her to become a midwife. We asked Jessie what she looks forward to most after graduation and she said, "No summer reading! Just kidding. This year, I tried out for cheer leading and I really enjoyed it. So I'm looking forward to having a bit more freedom to explore more things outside my comfort zone."