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 Golden Eagle Coaching Staff

Golden Eagle Coaching Staff

Grace Baptist Academy works hard to provide qualified and skilled individuals in each of our academy's sports. Below you can find a short biography of each current Golden Eagle Coach which includes their qualifications and experience, by clicking on their individual picture.

Bob Ateca

Athletic Director
Head High School Football Coach

Nathan Greve

Assistant Athletic Director 
Head Middle School Boys' Basketball Coach

Mariah Cummings

Sports Information Director
Head Middle School Girls' Basketball Coach

Tiffany Wilkes

Strength & Conditioning Director

Randy Wilkes

Athletic Trainer

Cordaro Cummings

Head High School Baseball Coach

Colton Durham

Head Middle School Baseball Coach

Darris Waters

Head High School Boys' Basketball Coach

Alan Smith

Head High School Girls' Basketball Coach

Dr. Steve Euler

Head Coach of the Tennis Program

Edmund Baulding

Head Lower School Boys' Basketball Coach

Mandy Long

Head Lower School Girls Basketball Coach

Jessica Box

Head High School Cheer Coach

Denise Ryburn

Head Middle School Cheer Coach

Katherine Fisher

Head Coach of MS/HS Cross Country Program & MS/HS Track & Field

David Prairie

Head Middle School Football Coach

Dwayne Whiteheart

Head Coach High School Girls' Soccer Coach

Scott Hicks

Head Lower School Co-Ed Soccer Coach


Head Softball Coach

TBA - 

Adam Love

Head Middle School Boys' Soccer Coach

Tony Hoekstra

Head High School Volleyball Coach


Kelsey Hines

Head Lower School Track & Field Coach



Head High School Boys' Soccer Coach

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Zac Sauls

Head Middle School Girls' Soccer Coach

Courtney Reed

Head Lower School Cross Country Coach

 Position Openings:

Head High School Boys' Soccer Coach